A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Use the keyboard to walk melon-puppy while solving password protected doors.


  • All the keyboard buttons - move melon / type password.
  • Enter - Enter password 

A 48 hour game by Cian & James.

Music by Mark Cantan.

Install instructions

Download OS appropriate file, unzip and run executable!

Caveats: Not all keyboards are alike. This game expects you to use a UK-QWERTY keyboard, so some levels might be more awkward to play without it. Virtual keyboards on Windows 10 work with a windowed game, perhaps the keyboard layout could be changed to make it easier. If you're that dedicated to playing the game, then you have our thanks.


melonwalker_linux.zip 30 MB
melonwalker_mac.zip 41 MB
melonwalker_windows.zip 17 MB


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I couldn't try the game properly because it didn't respond to my ";" key (I assume it doesn't recognize my keyboard layout), no big deal though as I've watched someone else playing it on a stream. It looks really good and well polished. Good job!

Urgh, I'm sorry it didn't work for you, it's a pretty annoying accessibility problem.  Thanks for the positivity!

I think this could be one of the winners, if I were to judge. Had a lot of fun with it, looks very polished and I think you made good use of the dual mechanic assignment.

woah, high praise! There are a lot of amazing games in this jam, so I won't raise my hopes too high

This looks really good! The art is A+ and the mechanic is fantastic. It seems a bit easy, but I can easily see how this game could be scaled up. Great job!

Thanks! It's certainly a protoype; there's a lot of tightening that could be done to improve the gameplay. Adding levels would be pretty reasonable after that.